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Getting Likes On The Instagram App | The Full Guide

Getting Likes On The Instagram App | The Full Guide

For a first-time entrepreneur, getting likes on the Instagram app is motivating. They will find it encouraging that their posts are growing with likes, and soon going viral. There is also a good chance to be even featured on the Explore tab.

However, is it only enough if there is just a lot of talk (likes) going on but not much conversion?

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As they say, you will eventually see a turnaround happening with time. In short, it means a lot to get likes and comments to your posts.

However, to get there, people use many techniques, a few of them being borderline grey and a few even being completely unethical. Even illegal according to Instagram’s terms and services. You must never follow shady ways to getting likes on the Instagram app.

Grey Area Tactics | Buying Inactive Followers

Not that you are purposely buying inactive accounts but you risk it when you are buying them directly. Sometimes, one of the most common tactics people adopt is to do this with the aim of them following your account back.

Seems pretty straight forward and almost would be common sense. You might be asking why aren’t more entrepreneurs and marketing managers doing this?

Well, if these accounts are downright inactive or are mere names and are just bots, be careful. These bots in your account might not put your brand in a positive light.

Even buying truckloads of followers in a day might put your brand in a bad light. Beware of the accounts you follow as well as the ones following you.

What do we mean by a bad light? Well in a literal way, it can show negatively to your actual followers. Imagine you were a jewelry company and you have accounts following that were in the healthcare niche. Naturally a healthcare niche wouldn’t follow a jewelry account unless the account was fake or a bot.

getting likes on the instagram app

You might have not have thought of this but your customers actually see this. Not all of them will but why risk losing high quality customers that are reviewing your products by searching your Instagram?

The other way this is a bad light is Instagram’s algorithm can tell if an account has fake followers or getting likes on the Instagram app from fake accounts.

Grey Area Tactics | Buy Fraudulent Bot Software

Many companies sell automatic bot software to read, comment, like and follow the same thing on every post. These bots are not humans, and though the entrepreneur might think the bots to be doing their job of getting likes on the Instagram app and following other brands, they are not boosting your image. Again, this is based off the the topics I mentioned above.

Sure, it might look good to have 50,000 followers and 5,000 likes per post to some of your real followers. Although, why risk your account getting blocked or banned by Instagram? Not to mention that you are marketing to way more followers than you should be.

Personally I would rather market to just potential or current customers on my Instagram. If you don’t have customers then you would be marketing to your fans.

Ways To Getting Likes On The Instagram App

Boostopedia does not believe in asking for your Instagram password. If a company is asking for your password and their services are only for likes we would recommend to stay away. If a company needs your password for likes then there is a great chance they are using bot software. That is what you want to avoid.

Getting likes on the Instagram app

Boostopedia doesn’t need a password because we use our massive niche network to bring you likes.

Where do our like come from? They come from a network of over 180 million niche related accounts and are delivered via powerlikes.

All you need to do is to post after signing up with us. Then, we will use our vast network of followers to like and comment on your posts via Powerlikes. It will increase the worth of your account and will be more credible.

Many firms that unethically increase followers seek for you to give them full access by providing your Instagram username and password. It is not just risky but also an infringement of your privacy. You might instead go for the Boostopedia’s Powerlikes option since it is much safer.

Boostopedia has, over the years, expanded a vast network with valid accounts and has built a robust reputation in every field.

Therefore, getting likes on the Instagram app and featuring on the Explore page is now possible and quite effortless too. Make sure to follow a few rules and get prominent on Instagram.

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