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Top Reasons Why The Instagram Explore Page Is Vital For Your Brand

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Top Reasons Why The Instagram Explore Page Is Vital For Your Brand

You may have seen several brands and their posts making it to the Instagram explore page. You may have assumed that these brands appear here by some algorithm used by Instagram. Your right, they have. Reaching the explore page is not as simple as being lucking with Instagram's algorithm though.

Good news is you don't need to be lucky. These days, there are firms like Boostopedia offering services to help businesses and influencers gain a position on the Instagram explore page.

Instagram explore tab

What is this Instagram explore page?

If you are a new entrepreneur venturing into the world of Instagram, understand that clicking the magnifying glass/ search button at the bottom of your Instagram feed, you can enter into the Instagram explore page. Here, you can see thousands of categories and even thumbnails of popular posts.

The Instagram explore page is where the highest end products, services, businesses and influencers are already at or is their main goal to get to for their posts to go viral.

How the Instagram explore page works is mainly the number of likes you receive from large Instagram accounts in a certain small window of time right after you post. Usually, this time frame is within the hour of posting.

The actual timing is depending on the niche, how popular that hashtag is, how many likes a post is receiving that is already on the explore page. The other variable is Instagram's algorithm. Surprisingly, there is a lot that goes into it.

If you didn't know already what the the explore tab is or also know as the explore page, it is where Instagram takes all of the most relevant and relatable content and places it in categories. These categories are well known and named as hashtags.

When a piece of content or post is selected to be placed on the Instagram explore page it will be seen by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of other Instagram accounts. In other words, free marketing and publicity, but also means you have gone VIRAL!

Instagram icon to get to the Instagram explore tab.

You Might Be Thinking Reaching The Instagram Explore Page Is Easy

You may be saying, “If it is just the most likes per hour of that niched hashtag to be on the Instagram explore page then it should be easy. All I must do is buy fake likes per post I upload. Or, have a bot like my posts to where I have thousands of likes per post! I’ll get on the Instagram explore page then right?”

The short answer, I wish it was that easy. There are a few problems with the solution above. Instagram will almost immediately see if you buy fake likes.

They can even ban your account. Another issue with fake likes is they usually come from fake followers. Fake followers are not high-quality accounts with high numbers of followers.

You need likes from high-quality accounts that have real engagement and are not fake. Instagram can automatically see the difference between the two.

And 99% of the accounts that make it to the Instagram explore page are the ones with real and engaging likes. So why take the gamble and try to be the 1%? To me it would be a waste of valuable time.

Not to worry. No need to find where these types of likes for hidden or how to receive them. Good news is, all you need is powerlikes which are likes from high quality accounts with very large followings. has a massive network, a network of over 180 million accounts to be specific. We will get your account connected with our network to bring you massive high-quality powerlikes.

Why Businesses will benefit from Featuring on Instagram Explore Page?

Your main aim of using Instagram is to gain more visibility for your brand and engaging with your target audience. Is your post generating plenty of high-quality likes from large accounts?

If yes, then you have a good possibility to be featured on the Instagram explore page.

If not, then you need to ensure creating that conversation thread and bring in all the elements to engage. Only when the content you post has the attributes like: High quality images and visually appealing posts, using the right location, tags, and keywords, collaborate and tag the right group of influencers, and post at the right time of the day and keeping the target audience in mind.

A quick glimpse of the Instagram explore tab.

How will Boostopedia Help You to Get on Instagram Explore Page?

Becoming a member with Boostopedia, you will get Powerlikes on the posts you upload. We have plans that have 600+ powerlikes for up to 30 posts in a month and also up to 60 posts in a month. If the Instagram explore page you are trying to reach needs more viral engagement we have a plan that can help with that as well. This plan can reach up to 1200 powerlikes per post!

The company does not add any fake followers. The have a massive influencer and business list to suit your account.

Once you post, the likes and followers will start increasing. Once you have the post gaining likes and drawing the notice of the industry’s top influencers, it will become viral. Because of this and only this will you start seeing new followers.

There are a lot of variables if a follower decides to follow you or not if your on the Instagram explore page. The best way as mentioned before is to have viral content creation that is high quality and unique.

It will only be a matter of a few hours before it will trend. That’s it! However, making the most of these services will be your responsibility. Remember to make the most of this service you’ll need to follow all the rules of Instagram. Boostopedia will take care of the rest and make your high quality posts go viral in your niche.

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